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Sharon Fellowship

Dear brothers and sisters,,

Sharon Fellowship has some changes in 2012, in order to make more brothers and sisters to participate in fellowship, fellowship time we changed, first and third Friday every month 7:00 pm.

Positions of responsibility as follows -   
Music ︰Liming/Guan Rueifang
Activities ︰Mrs. Cai
Contact ︰Katharine (Mrs. Lu)
Devotional ︰Zhou Yiliang
Financial ︰Guan Rueifang
Instruments ︰Hilda (Yu Yumei)

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Caleb Fellowship

Caleb Fellowship is a group of six persons over the age of retirement preparation. We once a month, on the second Sunday, three past one p.m. + points gathering.

We have Bible temporary activity, interest groups, to count grace. Plans to invite someone to talk about health care for the elderly travel, organize some activities for the elderly, but also hopes to attract some of the members of the community to participate. In warm weather, when ready to visit some elderly, and so on.

Caleb — is a concentrate to follow God's people, from the beginning of the four-year-old was selected + call + as spies eight years old, he said "The time how my strength now is how.." Look forward to a group of senior citizens have aspirations Caleb strength, concentrate reliance God, in his later years of life's happy.

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119 105 Fellowship (welcome college students or working people)

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." (Psalm 119: 105)

119105 fellowship is easy to learn, through the implementation of the party and the truth of the Bible, and from the establishment of God's relationship with man. The truth of the Bible according to our faith is reflected in everyday life, showing the Christian life. Exudes the aroma of Christ to attract more people to the Lord.

Party time:  Every Friday 7:45 - 9:30 pm (with a children's party the other, three to five years old)
Season schedule:Sep-Dec Schedule

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B1 Fellowship (for college students or young people working)

"But also to care for each other, inspire love and good deeds." (Hebrews 10:24)

B1 Fellowship is open to all young people to participate in working, looking through fellowship, brothers and sisters, you can establish a close relationship with each other in the Lord, to support each other, encourage each other, because we have the same body of Christ as our head. This is also the name of our group B1 meaning and goals (One Body).。

Party time ︰  Mondays 7:45 - 9:30 pm
Meeting Location ︰Please Call
Party content ︰Enclosed with singing, games, Bible study, sharing, and other family gather
Contact ︰Xianpei Yun (Ivan) brothers
Phone ︰617-771-9289