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      April 1993, God sent Paul Pastor Zhang former seminary in Cai Zhicheng seniors couple and mother ─ Life Church in Hong Kong, Kowloon, 徐鼎芬 church deacon in Malden. The number of Chinese living in Malden was quite a lot, but still not a Chinese church. After much earnest prayer that God Pastor Paul Cheung, the couple moved to begin Bible study ministry. With the assistance of Zhang's wife and several brothers and sisters, and gradually increase the number of Bible study, so that the home where inadequate, and therefore decided to lend the small auditorium Malden First Baptist Church held worship. The first worship is June 13, 1993 Approximately 21 people attended. Cai and Xu Xing Meng brothers couple buy Chinese Bible Church deacon and hymns, worship can be successfully held. At the same time, beginning with the assistance of Sunday School children are brothers and sisters. Due to gradually increase the number of worship, a small auditorium inadequate. So in September 1993 with the First Baptist Church of deliberations, be held Sunday worship pm borrow their auditorium.

      During the 1994 summer, passing No. 50 Eastern Ave saw a vacant shops for sale, immediately call Xu Cai brother deacons and couples. They saw the church converted into a shop very appropriate, so in a short time by Xu deacon buy private capacity, free lend Grace Church use. With the assistance of the brethren and sisters, and all the Chinese Church in Boston intercession, Grace Church New Church was finally held in October 1994 to offer thanksgiving worship hall. It really is a miracle! Only God can accomplish this event! Under the limited number and economic capacity, just one year do not have to borrow Church gatherings, this is not God's doings? "For He spake, and it; life legislation, to enact legislation." (Psalm 33: 9), if not the hand of God in the start, how in the short term there are so comfortable, beautiful church site. In general, the early years of the Church must be made by the Church for some time in order to have their own church site. Imagine going to a party every move and poetry of the Bible, it takes a lot of time to clean up after use and clean, and the use of limited time, a lot of inconvenience. After the meeting is finished now, brothers and sisters back together with a dish to share for lunch, side chatting to count the grace of God, while the other party has no time limit. Supply thank God!

      In this decade, the growth of Grace Church have ups and downs, but God's eyes look upon, His grace hand help, His anointing of moisture, so that the main Grace Church grow and go through the difficulties one after another in grace.